A Median Sternotomy is a common approach in patients undergoing cardiac surgery. Some of these patients exhibit excessive sternal bleeding and lack of bone stock resulting in significant morbidity such as pain, infection, or non-unions. CAAP provides an effective solution to control bleeding and address poor bone quality.

CAAP is indicated to control bleeding from cut or damaged bone by acting as a mechanical barrier or tamponade. The calcium apatite paste will harden to a composition similar to the mineral phase of bone (hydroxyapatite). A biocompatible scaffold is now created to allow bony ingrowth and return bone to its native architecture. Unlike bone wax and other soluble hemostatic agents, CAAP remodels through a natural cell-mediated process and will be replaced by host bone. CAAP is an ideal product to halt bleeding in even the most difficult to control sternotomy cases. There is recent evidence that CAAP may improve bone density in the sternal table, which may have added benefits.

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