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Whether your patients are young or old, want to avoid invasive surgery, or simply want faster healing times compared to procedures involving hardware or casts, BioWrist is the solution

With this innovative kit, you will be able to:

  • Treat all patients regardless of bone quality
  • Provide fixation in a less invasive manner
  • Offer strength and support throughout the healing process
  • Initiate the most natural healing response


  • The biologic: BioWrist Bone Void Filler has the right amount of calcium phosphate and calicum sulfate to enable resporption and remodeling that most closely mimics the remodeling process of natural bone - no other bone void filler even comes close
  • Fixation: The K-wires in the kit allow for fixation in a minimally invasive manner for all patients regardless of bone health - the same can't be said for plates and screws

For more information on BioWrist, please download our product brochure.

BioWrist Product Brochure

BioWrist Case Study, Procedure of the Distal Radius, Richard Makowiec, M.D.