Skeletal Kinetics LLC, developed, manufactures and markets SKaffold, a proprietary next generation calcium phosphate bone void filler cement designed for use in regions of compromised cancellous bone resulting from trauma fractures. Cancellous (or spongy) bone is situated principally at the ends of long bones beneath joint surfaces, including areas such as the wrist, hip and knee. Cancellous bone is also found in the spine.

SKaffold can be used independently or together with conventional orthopedic fixation hardware devices such as implantable plates, screws, rods and wires.

Within the U.S. trauma market, there are more than 6 million fractures in the United States every year, with nearly 1.4 million fractures in cancellous bone treated surgically by orthopedic surgeons. SKaffold has received 510(k) marketing clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for treating all cancellous bone voids below the neck and for neuro-craniomaxillofacial (head and face) applications. SKaffold has also received the right to affix the CE mark for marketing to the European community.

Skeletal Kinetics currently distributes SKaffold in the U.S. and worldwide through corporate partners and independent sales agents and distributors.

There are eight issued U.S. patents covering the SKaffold technology, with corresponding world patent application, several pending U.S. and international patent applications, and several new cases in preparation addressing novel chemistries, cement delivery technology, and incorporation of biologic agents into biologic cements.

In August 2006, Skeletal Kinetics became part of the worldwide medical group of Colson Associates, Inc. Skeletal Kinetics maintains its headquarters, R&D and manufacturing facility in Addison, Texas, USA (in the heart of the Dallas Metroplex).