Welcome to Skeletal Kinetics

Skeletal Kinetics® LLC (SK) develops, manufactures, markets and distributes osteobiologics for use in regions of compromised cancellous and cortical bone. These products are used in many different skeletal applications in and around the human skeleton. SK manufactures both OEM and proprietary brands. Some of our proprietary brands include the SKaffold™ family of products (SKaffold Flow™, Skaffold Impress™ and SKaffold ReNu™), InjectionPlasty™, Induce™, and CAAP™.

It is SK's mission to be the growing leader in development, education and distribution of osteobiologics for patients, hospitals and surgeons across the globe.

Skeletal Kinetics has extensive research and development underway for next generation biologic and bioactive regenerative products. We are working diligently to push the boundaries of anatomy saving prodecures now and in the years to come.